Scary Good Productions is a multi-faceted production company that specializes and provides premier entertainment services and event technology

Our Story 

2010 - 2 guys decided to build a haunted house in their backyard toolshed. This was soon dubbed the Haunted Shed. 

2011 - Gave up on the dream...temporarily.

2012 - Brought the Haunted Shed back to Cherry Hill, NJ with a new way of innovation. The Magic Mirror was created and narrated the entire show. The Haunted Shed also received upgrades to the existing sound system to everything being controlled through a sound board. 

2013 - The Haunted Shed received significant upgrades to the lighting system. Intelligent Lighting was added and everything was controlled through DMX interface. 

2014 - Due to many drawbacks, the Haunted Shed was cancelled and the Haunted Garage was created 24 hours prior to Halloween.

Late 2014 - Thomas Hudson registered and formed Scary Good Solutions, LLC, a company in which he can continue to scare people with innovation. Scary Good Solutions is now a full service Production company.

2015 - The Company begins to grow and we begin working with freelancers as part of our company-wide initiative. 

2016 - The Company continues to grow as we contract with other production companies such as Xplosive Entertainment in Manalapan, NJ and Eventions Productions in Aston, PA.

2017-Present - The Company continues to contract with regional theatres and houses of worship.

Meet the CEO 


Thomas W. Hudson

C.E.O of Scary Good Solutions, LLC

Co-Founder of The Haunted Shed


Bachelor of the Art’s in Communications, Specialization in Radio, Television and Film from The College of New Jersey (2018)

Minor in Electrical Engineering from The College of New Jersey (2018)

Master of Business Administration, Specialization in Project Management at Montclair State University (2021)

Background - Lighting Design, Lighting Programming, Automated Lighting, Video Editing

Contact - Extension 1500 or


Production Services


Concerts / Performances


Houses of Worship

Television / Studio


Lighting - We believe in using high quality lighting fixtures and design techniques in accordance with USITT and ESTA standards. With our experience and innovation, we guarantee high caliber design each and every time. 

We specialize in Lighting Design, Stage Electrics, Lighting Programming, Rentals, Sales and Consulting.

Programming in ETC EOS Family Consoles and High End Systems HOG 4.

Please contact us for further details regarding your needs and preferences for your event. 

Audio - We believe that high quality audio is the distinguishing factor of a professionally engineered event or space. Poorly designed or engineered audio is easily noticed.

We specialize in Sound Design, Engineering, Rentals, Sales and Consulting.

Custom Events - Whatever kind of event you are hosting or preparing, we have the equipment and knowledge to help. We will set up a consultation to discuss what you have planned and how we can help you. We love a challenge and cannot wait to get started.

Please contact us to get started!

Photography and Video Services

Photography - We can photograph any event that you need. We also do ID photos, headshots or any other type of photo you are looking for. Please contact us for a quote and a description of your event or project. Free initial consultation for your event or project.

Videography - We can record and or edit any footage or for any event that you have. Please contact us for pricing and quotes as each project that we work on is unique in its own way. We do offer free first consultations to figure out the best way to complete you project. 

All services come with our SGS Certified Technicians and our prices do not include labor charges or gratuity.

Labor will be provided in final quotes and estimates.

All prices on this page are subject to change. They are absolute minimum quotes and do not include tax (if necessary) or gratuity. If you wish to have a more exact quote, please fill out a Quote Request and we will contact you with a more exact number. For support or questions, please call (856) 872 - 2370.